SBS Manager™

Standardized but yet so specilaized

Grants, e-services, sponsorship, claims management – really all that would begin with an application. We call it an application management system. Basically, it is a case management system that specializes in quality assurance of application data through smart entry controls and real-time lookups against public records such as the National Bookkeeping, Corporate and tax agencies, organizational registers, publication directories, and more. It is also an application system that specializes in receiving applications, communicating with the applicant, delegating, reviewing, deciding, budgeting and paying out grants or funds. If that is not enough, it can also handle the follow-up of applications through smart reporting and can also be integrated with a wide range of other platforms. Exciting, right?

Key benefits


Applications, reviews, decisions, payments, reporting, communications and statistics in one and the same system.


Secure your business through standardization and safe storage of your data.

Education and support

Take advantage of our long experience of application processes, we support you both proactively and continuously.


Work with complete applications that are easily spread and managed within the organization together with other plattforms.


Develop and implement application services to the extent that it suits the organization and budget.


Meet the audience in the language or technical adaptations required for high availability.

Mobile, compatible and available

For us, accessibility is crucial both technically and communicatively. SBS Manager™ has a well-developed language support for administrators as public users and an interface that fits most technical conditions.

Pedagogic and adaptable work environment

Our world is becoming more digital and the technical interfaces our working environment. We work hard to build comfort and scalability. Unlike many other platforms on the market, SBS Manager™ offers great opportunities to customize both functionality and workflows.

Integrated with your everyday life

Let SBS Manager™ tell you when there is something that requires your attention. With custom personalized notification settings, you decide what you want information about and not.

More about our notifications

Four different offers

Our services are available in four different configurations – for the smaller operations of centralized management.

SBS Manager™ – Cloud Grants Cloud
Digitalization for you who have built an organization around your application management.

SBS Manager™ – Stand-alone Stand-alone
Our most common delivery form. Dedicated installation with great possibilities for customization.

SBS Manager™ – Enterprise Enterprise
Large-scale operation for organizations with multiple flows or for resale purposes.

Sponsor CloudGrants CloudStand-aloneEnterprise
Application management
Decision management
Budget management
Digital requisitions management
Payout management
Attest management
Digital contracts management
Language support
Personal contact person
Clustering of organizations
Customized forms(Addon)(Addon)
Customized reports
Customized emails(Addon)(Addon)
Customized design
Dedicated server
Customized process
Maximum applicantsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum applicationsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Online support
Chat support
E-mail support
Phone support5 hour/month
8-17 weekdays
According to agreement
Online education
Personal education
Electronic identification support (Manadatory) (Manadatory)
Advanced login supportOptional
E-signing support
Registry lookup support
Notification supportE-mailE-mailE-mail and SMSE-mail and SMS

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* Note that only selected services are available in Cloud and Cloud+ format. Prices are given per user.
All prices are exclusive of VAT and based on a 12 month agreement.